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Travelling To Hacienda Del Alamo

Travelling To Hacienda Del Alamo

One of the top benefits of living in Hacienda Del Alamo is the location. Not only is it ideally located for fantastic weather the whole year round, it’s also extremely easy to get to from the UK.

The nearest airport is Murcia San Javier, which is only thirty minutes away by car. This airport is extremely popular with British low cost carriers. Easyjet offer flights to and from Bristol, Gatwick and Liverpool. These flights run frequently the whole year round, and they are extremely well priced.

Airlines Traveling to and from airports near Hacienda Del Alamo, a competing no frills airline, also offers cheap flights to and from locations in the UK. They fly from Leeds/Bradford, Manchester and Newcastle Upon Tyne airports all year round. In the summer season they offer flights from many more UK regional airports, including Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Blackpool.

If you want to save even more on flights, Ryanair also flies to Murcia San Javier. This service is limited to Stansted in the winter, but expands to Prestwick, Birmingham, Dublin, Leeds and Manchester in the summer months.

As you can see it’s possible to travel to Murcia San Javier from practically every corner of the UK, but if you can’t find a flight time that is right for you then you can always fly to the massive Alicante International Airport, which is still only 80 minutes away from Hacienda Del Alamo. All of the above airlines also fly to Alicante, with much greater frequency and a vastly expanded winter service. There are also flights operated by British Airways, FlyBe, Monarch, Thomas Cook and Thomson from even more UK airports.

The close proximity to these two airports is also a huge bonus for people who choose to make their permanent home in Hacienda Del Alamo. Not only are there continual flights to the UK to visit friends and family (or have them visit you), there are also flights going all over Europe and beyond if you fancy a change of scenery. Of course Hacienda Del Alamo is so beautiful that you’ll be glad it’s just as easy to get back as it was to get away.

At the moment construction work is underway on a new international airport, set to open very soon. The new Corvera International Airport is set to be a major hub for the region, catering to both low cost flights from around Europe and intercontinental flights too. The airport building and runways are finished and it is awaiting appropriate licenses, it is only 10 minutes and will offer residents even more choice in travelling to and from the resort.

Travelling to Hacienda Del Alamo by Train

Of course planes aren’t the only option, especially if you plan to see other parts of Spain. The Murcia region has a highly developed rail network, and there are several railway stations nearby. The Murcia del Carmen railway station is just 25 minutes away from Hacienda Del Alamo. In addition to local destinations, you can travel comfortably to Madrid, Valencia and even along the Mediterranean coast to the beautiful city of Montpellier in the South of France.