Top Five Attractions Near Hacienda del Alamo

Top Five Attractions Near Hacienda del Alamo

Aside from the prestigious golf course and the desirable properties in the Hacienda Del Alamo golf resort, visitors are most often drawn into buying a villa in Hacienda del Alamo due the attractive mountain views, the 300+ days of sunny weather year in year out and the beautiful coastline in La Manga, Mal Menor, Puerto de Mazarron and Cartagena.

Despite the growing popularity of Murcia as a great tourist destination, all of its natural attractions are kept pristine and unspoilt. Compared to neighbouring Costas namely Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, Hacienda del Alamo and neighboring towns are not as crowded even during peak seasons. Lastly, the region of Murcia is famous all over Spain mainly due to the succulent and delectable tapas that Murcia-based restaurants offer.

Cathedral de Santa Maria

Just like key cities in Spain, Murcia also boasts rich culture as evidenced by the abundance of historical architecture. The Murcia Cathedral for examples is an awe-inspiring monument that showcases three architectural styles namely Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance. The cathedral’s façade looks absolutely grand while the bell tower viewed from the outside is just as equally impressive.

In 1385 the laying of foundations began and in 1388 the first stone was laid. But it was not until 1394 that the construction began, which would be finished in October 1467. Nevertheless, the cathedral continued to grow until the 18th century, which means that the cathedral is made of a variety of artistic styles.

The different inspirations of the Murcia Cathedral already tell of the rich and colourful past of the region.

Real Casino de Murcia

If you are looking to visit a historic and beautiful building in Murcia, head to Real Casino de Murcia. This ornate building used to be a venue for merchants to spend their spoils. Today Real Casino de Murcia is a museum fitted with a restaurant as well. The entrance fee to the museum is only €3 so be sure to bring enough cash to spend on authentic Spanish food too. One of the many impressive features of the museum is the amazing stained glass display that you can see high above its interior. The tour consists of viewing the ostentatious library, ballroom, living room, and restaurant. Real Casino de Murcia is undoubtedly one of the finest buildings located in the region of Murcia.

Museo Salzillo

Discover more about the rich heritage and culture of Murcia by entering the famous Museo Salzillo. This tourist destination houses some of the most important works of the master sculptor of Murcia, Salzillo. Aside from the outstanding works by Salzillo, the very architecture of the building is awe-inspiring as well. If you are an art enthusiast, you will definitely love the place and will most likely return to repeatedly view the masterpieces of Francisco Salzillo, one of the greatest sculptors of the 18th century.

Holy Week in Lorca

Lorca is one of the nearest cities to Hacienda del Alamo. This lovely Spanish pueblo is a mere 30-minute drive from the golf resort. If you are staying in Murcia during Holy Week, be sure to head to Lorca for its traditional celebration of Holy Week- one that is considered to be the most splendid in Spain. There are two religious brotherhoods that exist in Lorca namely the Azules and the Blancos that seek to outdo each other in the grandeur with which they decorate their life-size figures of Christ’s Passion. They use expensive fabrics, intricate embroidery designs as well as precious materials to adorn their live size figures. The lavish celebration ends with a procession that displays the mystery play of the Passion- one which features Roman soldiers and other important key characters too. After watching a colorful and solemn tradition, you will consider going back to Lorca annually to witness the elaborate and meaningful Holy Week celebration.

Puerto de Mazarron

Puerto de Mazarron is one of Spain’s best-kept secrets! You have decided to purchase a house in Hacienda del Alamo as you value the peace and calm that the location offers. You may have tried out the lively and energetic vibe of Ibiza, Majorca, and other islands in the Balearic region and would rather spend your summers swimming in the equally warm, but peaceful region of Murcia. Puerto Mazarron is a coastline that boasts a diverse geography where you can find a variety of impressive excavation sites and erosions that have naturally carved out a total of 40 beautiful beaches. It is sunny all year round in Puerto Mazarron featuring average winter temperature of 18 degrees and summer median temperature of 32 degrees. With a total of 320 days of sunshine per year, you can truly say that you have made the right decision of choosing Hacienda del Alamo as your second residence.

Aside from its pristine beaches, Mazarron Bay is also renowned for the fresh food that is served in many of its restaurants. The fishing port is alive and well in this part of Spain, so expect to taste some of the best local seafood dishes in this part of Murcia.

The diverse geography of Mazarron opens guests to a variety of sports and entertainment options such as bowling, cycling, diving, fishing, go karting, horse riding, Jeep safaris, quad biking, sailing, and snorkeling.

With all the tourist attractions, rich culture, and vibrant traditions that Murcia has to offer, you have more reasons to stay longer at your holiday home in Hacienda del Alamo!