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Large 2 bed villa large plot private pool - Fuente Alamo

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Property ID : Dan1

For Sale, Includes all furniture fixtures and fittings, Resale €199,500.00 Euro - Villas

Large 2 bed villa large plot private pool

The price includes all furniture fixtures and fittings.

A beautiful house on phase 1 of the Hacienda del Alamo Resort in Murcia Spain. 2 bedrooms one upstairs the master suite and 1 downstairs, also downstairs is an open plan living dining are a and kitchen.

Outside there is a very good size garden private drive and  private pool ideal for those relaxing summer days.

Please take a look at the pictures to see the good quality furniture and fittings included with the house.

Click here for floor plan: Danae-2 Floor Plan

Large 2 bed villa large plot private pool

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