Mazarrón Is At The Forefront Of Murcia’s Property Revival

If you, like many other Brits, are looking at Murcia’s burgeoning property revival as something that might tempt you to invest, then you are certainly not alone. Since Spain came out of recession in the final quarter of 2013, there has been plenty of interest in the region’s golf villas and luxury apartments, many of which are ideally suited to the holiday rental market. Although, there remains plenty of choice in Murcia, buyers are now being attracted from outside the European Union. Some visitors from Middle Eastern countries and Russian nationals have been purchasing holiday villas in Murcia, leading to a miniature property boom. However, with the addition of UK-based investors and some Spanish interest, too, this boom shows no signs of being a bubble. Indeed, along the coastal provinces that make up the autonomous region of Murica, the property revival appears to be completely sustainable and one that is likely to long-lived.

Mazarrón, which is the most southerly municipality that makes up part of Murcia, is a prime example of a coastal region that is seeing renewed and sustained interest in terms of its holiday rental properties. If you are looking into Murcia as a potential place to invest for either a second home or to enter the property rental market, then don’t overlook the charms that Mazarrón has to offer.

With no less than twenty miles of beaches to its name, Mazarrón also boasts plenty of unspoiled coves and attractively rocky sea beds. The coastline offers wild beaches as well as some that are favoured by nudists in less populous areas. There are also plenty of well-groomed beaches in the towns that make up the municipality and those that offer vast expanses of sand. Bordering Lorca, Fuente Alamo, Alhama de Murcia, Totana and Cartagena, Mazarrón has a relatively low population of about 34,000 inhabitants. Because of this population figure, the density of development is much less than you might expect from experience of other regions in Spain. With beaches that are not entirely overlooked by huge hotels and holiday apartment blocks, the area retains much of its natural charm – something that the locals appreciate. For example, Puerto de Mazarrón has not one single multi-storey development in the town. This is also part of its success, because the area remains distinctively Spanish in outlook, despite attracting homeowners from a wide range of nations across the world.

The relative proximity of Mazarrón to the new airport at Corvera has been another driver for the rental property sector. Although not yet open, the airport is now expected to start accepting international flights in 2014. Mazarrón is also close to the site of Paramount’s much-vaunted theme park. This long-planned project will not just be a tourist attraction that features harum-scarum rides for kids, but be a lifestyle centre that caters for adults and more sophisticated clientele, too. Both of these large projects are expected to give the wider Murcian economy a boost, but to have a disproportionate effect in Mazarrón, because of its property portfolio that lies along the coast.

If you are looking for something of a hidden gem in Murcia and one that will provide the right sort of investment opportunity, then check out Playa del Castellar, one of the beaches close to Puerto de Mazarrón. Here, there are patches of delicate development which are dotted along the 1,200 metre long beach. It is the perfect place for a family holiday and therefore makes an ideal place to invest, if you are interested in exploiting the tourist villa rental market in Murcia.