Hacienda Del Alamo

Hacienda Del Alamo


Founded in 1999, Hacienda del Alamo a luxury consolidated golf resort located in Murcia, along the southeast corner of Spain. Murcia is the seventh largest city in Spain with approximately 450,000 inhabitants. The area is known for having low precipitation, mild winters, and hot summers.

Geography near Hacienda Del Alamo

Hacienda del Alamo is located in the huerta of Murcia, a low lying fertile plain. Running through the area are the Segura River and its tributary, the Guadalentin. Hacienda del Alamo is located approximately 43 metres above sea level. The orchards are the most dominant and best known aspect of the area’s landscape.

Hacienda del Alamo is within twenty minutes-drive of the coastal resort of Mazarron and the Mediterranean to the south and La Mange Resort and Mar Menor to the east due to its close proximity to the coast.

Hacienda Del Alamo Golf

Hacienda del Alamo is considered by many to be a hub for golfers. The golf course was designed by Dave Thomas. Dave Thomas designed dozens of courses throughout Europe and the world. Thomas was a former golf professional, who during the 1950s and 1960s won many tournaments around Europe, including the Dutch, French, and Belgian Open championships.

Thomas was given virtually all the space he needed to complete the Hacienda del Alamo golf course, a theme that is also common with the luxury resort properties. The golf course is 92 hectare, and is characterized by it’s length and difficulty off the blocks, the picturesque mountain views, the spacious open feel and the number of bunkers 86! There is an 18 hole championship course plus a 6 hole academy course with 3 par 3’s and 3 par 4’s.

The Hacienda del Alamo Golf academy consists of the academy course chipping and putting greens six practice bunker and the 36 bay driving range. There is also high tech digital video camera analysis.

Murcia’s Climate

Hacienda del Alamo is considered to have a hot subtropical semi-arid climate that is heavily influenced by the Mediterranean. With warm to hot summers and mild winters, it is popular to call its climate semi-arid Mediterranean given its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. Each year, it average well over 300 days of sun. There are some years where all of Hacienda del Alamo’s rain for the year will happen over a few days of heavy rain.

January is the coldest month in Hacienda del Alamo where the temperature is a low of 4 °C at night and 16 °C during the day. In August, the temperatures are at their highest at 33 °C during the day and 20 °C at night.

Main Sights Near Hacienda Del Alamo

Hacienda del Alamo is very close to the city of Lorca. From the golf resort, it is a 30 minute drive. During Holy Week, Lorca has one of the most splendid celebration in all of Spain. In Lorca, there are two religious brotherhoods, the Blancos and the Azules. Each decorates a life size figure of the Passion of the Christ in an attempt to outdo each other in grandeur. The whole even climaxes with a procession acting out the Passion Play.

Real Casino de Murcia is one of the most beautiful and historic buildings in Murcia. Erected in 1847, it was formerly a social club for the town’s merchants. Nowadays, it is a museum with a restaurant that serves authentic Spanish food. High above the interior of the venue is a stained glass display that has captivated visitors for generations.

There are a variety of beaches near Puerto de Mazarron. A thirty minute drive from Hacienda del Alamo, Puerto de Mazarron is located on the Mediterranean Sea. Mazarron Bay is known for its cuisine of fresh seafood. There are also many entertainment and sporting activities that are popular in the area, including

  • Sailing
  • Jeep safaris
  • Go karting
  • Diving
  • Bowling
  • Snorkeling
  • Quad biking
  • Horse riding
  • Fishing
  • Cycling

The Museo Salzillo is a museum showcasing the culture and rich heritage of Murcia. Many of master sculptor Salzillo’s works are on display at this popular tourist destination. Salzillo was one of the greatest baroque sculptors of the 18th century and a Murcia native. The architecture of the museum is also considered a work of art in itself.

Another architectural masterpiece in Murcia is the Cathedral de Santa Maria. Contained within the architecture of this building are three styles: Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque. This building is most noted for its impressive bell tower and grand façade. The first stone was laid for this in 1388 after the laying of the foundation started in 1385. However, the construction did not start until 1394 and did not finish until 1467. The variety of artistic styles included in its design are due to its continued growth well into the 18th century.