Hacienda del Alamo golf course hole by hole guide

Hacienda del Alamo golf course hole by hole guide

Hacienda Del Alamo Golf Course 

The golf course is over 7400 yards off the back blocks but unless you’re in to a challenge or a Pro then play off either the yellow or the blue tees, these are still a challenge and come out longer than the majority of courses. The course is designed by Dave Thomas and is a difficult but fair test. Bunkers are strategically placed on most holes from the tee, and there is no shortage of green-side bunkering, take a conservative approach from the tee and then attack the middle of the greens for a steady safe round. If in doubt club up on all but 3, 10, 11, 13 and 16.
For the more aggressive player who wants to get a score going then you can attack most pins as the greens are pretty receptive but beware spin offs and sucker pins there are a few tough pin placements. Green 1 and 8 are to be respected and probably not to be attacked unless the pins are generously located
To get a good score you need to get right in to your game from the 1st drive as the first 4 holes are all relatively straightforward birdie opportunities for the better player. Other holes to attack on are 10, 11, 14, 16 and 18 for the average distance hitter. The par 3’s 5, 8, 12 and 16 are all long and favour the solid striker, middle of the green and a par on any of these is a good result.

The old adage of drawing the ball in to left pins and fading it in to right pins will serve you will on these large and receptive greens.

Hole by hole guide

Hole 1. Par 4 370 Meters whites 353 meters yellows. 

Big hitters will go between the bunkers and leave a flick in, the rest of us lay up about 20 yards short of the left bunker just left of centre, this will leave around a mid iron in, a draw around the bunker in to the middle of the green is the safe shot, try not to get behind the pin, the putt down the green can be perilous, particularly the middle right pin position which you must be short of to have a chance. Also beware the middle back pin on a small shelf, don’t go after this unless you know your yardages cold and are on your game.

Hole 2. Par 4 376/357 Meters whites/yellows.

Similar to the 1st big hitters need to go over the left corner of the right bunker and guard against a draw as the bunker at the foot of the hill will come in to play. The safe play is a lay up to around 230 yards favouring just left of centre of the fairway, this will stay up on the high part of the fairway and leave a reasonable stance for your 2nd shot which will be around a mid iron. This is a green that slopes slightly from back to front so providing the pin is not tucked left then attack it as the ball will be carrying in to a slight up slope and will therefore stop quickly if struck well. Trouble front of green from bunkers, back is no problem but a tricky chip down the green if you’re big.

Hole 3. Par 4 343/320 Meters whites/yellows. 

A relatively short par 4, big hitters can drive the green however it is well bunkered so a green-side bunker shot may await if you try and take it on, no problem for the Pro’s, for the rest there are 2 options carry the right bunker with a driver but draw it as there is O.B. right, this will leave a short flick in, the safe and sensible route is to lay up short and right side of the left bunker leaving around 120 meters to the green.

Hole 4 Par 5 530/503 Meters whites/yellows

This is a hole to have go at, a medium length par 5 with a wide fairway. Even the right bunkers are easy to escape from. So driver 3 wood for the green the ideal 2nd shot being a fade off the left side where the cart path is as the ground banks in form there towards the green, so if you don’t get all of it then you will still be safe. For the more conservative it’s a drive mid iron or rescue laid up short of the right greenside bunkers then a flick on and a putt for the birdie!

Hole 5 Par 3 197/179 Meters whites/yellows

Aim left side with a fade is ideal. Be aggressive big is generally better then short here.

Hole 6 Par 4 391/381 Meters whites/yellows

My view the most difficult hole on the course unless you can carry the left fairway bunker, if you can it’s simple a drive and a flick, if you can’t then you have to draw the ball on the line of the fairway around the bunker to leave a reasonable length 2nd shot. Don’t leak a drive to the right as it’s all trouble and waste areas. For the higher handicapper play it as a 5 use a shot here, a 5 is fine. If you do have a shot in with a short iron attack the flag as the green is very receptive and has a gentle back to front incline. If the pin is right half take care with club selection and get under the pin for chance of a safe putt.

Hole 7 Par 4 372/352 Meters whites/yellows

A fair hole but a tricky shot decision off the tee, options:

  • Drive between the bunkers
  • Lay up short of the bunkers leaving a mid iron in
  • For the big hitters carry the right side of the left bunker for perfect position 2nd shot up on the left shelf of the fairway

The green is very wide and relatively short front to back so take care not to find the back left bunker with your approach, there is a high shelf in the middle front of the green so for a pin in the middle of the green take the shelf in to consideration although a high well struck shot will be OK as the green is very receptive.

Hole 8 Par 3 198/190 Meters whites/yellows

This is all about visual intimidation and the very difficult green contours. Good players will ignore all the trouble and focus on the target mid handicappers would do well to do the same, high handicappers – play it a s a 4 go left of the green in to the landing area chip on and get a 4 – no shame – I have seen many players walk off this hole with 6 or 7’s and wrecked cards (and ego’s). This is a hole to be respected.

For the better player take great care with the green contours everything slopes back to front and in some pin locations it is very fast, when the green front fringe is cut down putts can run from the back of the green run off the front and in to the water, play very safe and be very respectful of this green, ideally get below the hole and leave a putt straight up not across. However if you’re on your game the green is receptive and you can fire at the flag, club up and keep you’re spin under control the last think you need on this hole is a ball landing with zip.

Hole 9 Par 5 542/522 Meters whites/yellows

A great hole plenty of trouble but easy to be safe, drive right, 2nd left 3rd at flag 5 is fine, don’t get greedy – make your birdie off a solid 3rd. If the pin is set back right take great care with club selection as big is generally disastrous.

Hole 10 Par 4 403/380 Meters whites/yellows

This hole is all about the tee shot if you can clear the bunker in the middle right for the fairway then it’s pretty straightforward, take care of the OB right and the waste areas left.

If you can’t clear the bunkers then a fade down the left is the only option.

The green is wide and shallow back to front however a long putt across the green can be impossible because of the green shape and contours, if the pin is left get in the middle left if right then mid right a putt across this green is treacherous. A 4 here is fine.

The approach here is about being conservative with aim but hit it solid, as clubbing is essential.

Hole 11 Par 4 388/369 Meters whites/yellows

Definite birdie opportunity drive over the right bunker and the downhill slope will do the rest. Take care not to kill the drive it’s easy to get too close to this green and leave a testing short pitch, if you hit big maybe it’s a 3 wood.

The approach is about shape and the small raised contour in the middle of the green, as the run of from this can take the ball to a tricky back left flag. The right half of the green is quite flat so fire at the flag. Take care reading the green it has some surprising grainy breaks.

Big left is bad news and the rough big right is thick and tricky. If you’re in a bad position off the tee a good bale out is pin high right.

Hole 12 Par 3 209/175 Meters whites/yellows

A great hole off the blocks, pin right or middle fade it pin left is straightforward.

Hole 13 Par 4 385/371 Meters whites/yellows

On paper a straightforward hole but worthy of respect, big hitters leave the driver in the bag there is no advantage in killing a driver here.

For the rest of us a 3W/rescue/long iron straight or right half laid up short of the bunker leaves a straightforward 150/160m shot in.

Avoid a draw off the tee the left half of the fairway banks down toward the waste areas.

The key to this hole is just to hit the green big left or right are all trouble and a lot of waste so a delicate chip off the stony waste areas is definitely to be avoided.

Hole 14 Par 5 507/483 Meters whites/yellows

An easy birdie opportunity for the big hitter driver mid iron should do it and the fairway is wide. For the rest of us a drive left half to avoid the right bunkers then lay up to your favourite distance and get your birdie off a solid 3rd. The green is large and relatively flat so all to play for here.

In to the green a miss left is OK right is bunkers and the back is banked up so a fair hole and a good opportunity for birdie for any level of player.

Hole 15 Par 3 199/184 Meters whites/yellows

A very large green and a massive bunker right. A fade in to this green (for the right hander) is perfect but the green is wide enough that if you prefer a draw that’s OK just commit as the shot from the right bunker is a tough one.

The green is straightforward. Make an allowance for the wind as the tee is protected and you won’t feel the wind until you get up on to the green.

Turning for home 3 challenging holes

Hole 16 Par 4 381/361 Meters whites/yellows

Another hole to respect, keep it simple unless you’re chasing a score.

For the big hitters you will have to be very straight over the left half of the right bunker or fade it as there is a small channel of fairway to aim in to and the 2nd set of bunkers about 90m out can be easily reached and whist the shot is OK off flat sand there are plenty of bunker lips to get under!

For the rest drive up the left (or fade) hit 2nd to the middle of the green 2 putt and get off. Avoid pins cut mid right as the bunkers are cut a long way in to the green.

Hole 17 Par 4 401/388 Meters whites/yellows

The length of this hole means it’s all about the drive, anywhere on the fairways is good, big hitters avoid the right side as a really long one may find the waste.

The fairways banks left to right.

The approach is straightforward the green is large and not too much trouble. Take care not to be too greedy with front pin positions.

Hole 18 Par 5 533/507 Meters whites/yellows

For the bombers straight over the bunker for the rest of us lay up short of the bunker or go through the gap to the left of it.

Get the 2nd up the right – there is plenty of room right once you clear the bunker – beware the lake left which is not visible from the fairway.

The green is very deep a there are some difficult contours back right, the front half is fairly flat.

Hacienda Del Alamo scorecard


Prepared by John Green

Ex Professional Golfer RFEG  ‘Jugador Professional’

Managing Director and owner of Hacienda Golf Properties

Contact: johngreen@www.hdagolfproperties.com

Copyright Hacienda Golf Properties SL not to be reproduced without permission.

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