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Exciting Times for Hacienda Del Alamo Golf Resort

Since April this year, the owners, residents and businesses of Hacienda Del Alamo have enjoyed a refreshing wave of enthusiasm, optimism and new possibilities. There was an energy in the community that had not been felt since the early days before the market crash.

Rumours and promises were materialising, workmen were on the Hotel site, new bars and restaurants and businesses were opening up and conversation was buzzing with excitement.

As a resident, these were encouraging signs of a revival. The attributes of Hacienda Del Alamo are, and have always been, plentiful. Surrounded by Mountains, luxury properties, peace & tranquility, exceptional climate, a thriving community and the opportunity to live the best possible version of your life.

A few months on and there is a new sense of pride. The Hotel & Spa really is exquisite. The finish, just like the finish in the Golf Clubhouse and any of the properties on the resort, is to an outstanding standard. The options to socialise in the resort are now varied, and each is well supported by an uplifted, regular clientele.

Working in the property market has made it easier to see that the potential of the resort would eventually be met, that patience and belief would be rewarded. There have been clear market trends for the whole Region, with sales increases now gathering momentum.

Last year saw record numbers of visitors to the Region of Murcia and an increase in tourist as well as significant increases in tourist GDP and in the volume of employment generated.

In our opinion, a key factor missing in this exciting time of development and expansion, has been the absence of any effective marketing and promoting of the resort to the outside world. We know what a fantastic place this is to own, live or holiday, but in order for the resort to really flourish, an investment in advertising is imperative.

Fortunately, we now have a variety of sources confirming that significant investment is being spent to increase Tourism in the Region of Murcia. The Tourism Institute of the Region of Murcia has described the plan to invest 7 Million Euros in a National advertising campaign and a global strategy which will reach 13 European Countries.

According to the director general of the Tourism Institute, Manuel Fernandez-Delgado this will be the ‘biggest promotional offensive to be carried out in the Region’.

In addition to the general plan for the region, our resort has been hailed as ‘the best in the area’ by Murcia Today! It outlines plans to reposition and promote the resort and Sareb bank’s Special Project Director, Joaquin Ucelay has described as “the highest quality resort in the area”.

Diego Conesa, the central government delegate to the Region of Murcia, who commented that the attractiveness of Hacienda del Álamo to buyers will be increased by its proximity to the new Region of Murcia International Airport in Corvera, which is scheduled to open on 15th January 2019

Sareb’s investment in Hacienda del Álamo has been considerable, amounting to 10 million euros in maintenance and a further 8.6 million euros in the opening of the hotel and the reactivation of sales, the result being that of the 1,300 properties on the development only just over 300 are still unsold.

These really are exciting times for us already on Hacienda Del Alamo and encouraging times for anyone who is thinking of purchasing here . As well established, dedicated property experts on this resort, we are here to help, advise, support and facilitate all of your property decisions.